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Lamplighter 30... 2025

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Lamplighter 30 running event 2025


June 14th 2025


Goathland, North York Moors National Park.

The Lamplighter 30 night running event will be back next year on the 14th of June 2025.
Circa 30 miles of running through the night on tracks and trods over the North York Moors. Starting from Goathland Village Hall as the sun goes down and the Lamplighter comes to light the street lamps. You then have to race the sun, be back before it chases the moon away. Don't despair though as you will have until the flag outside of the hall is raised to get back to the hall, giving you an extra couple of hours to play with...
This year everyone had to con†end with rain for most of the night adding to the already muddy and boggy conditions. The temperature dropped to around 7 degrees the wind staying at a gentle breeze ensured the thermometer did not drop further. Low lying banks of mist filled the dales, one of them hiding a herd of Highland cattle, which were laying near to the path across the Hole of Horcum, their silhouettes given an ethereal quality as they appeared and disappeared like bovine shape shifters. By 5am the mist had cleared taking the rain with it, allowing the sun to appear over the eastern horizon. By this time most of the Lamplighters had returned to the hall and were tucking into jacket potatoes or pasta, washed down with tea or coffee, all had well and truly earned their Lamplighter finishers medal...

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