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Brown Rigg …

Brown Rigg and Danby Beacon North Yorkshire Moors National Park...

Night On Brown Rigg near to Danby Beacon , clear skies Orion the Hunter overhead.

There are many trails running off of the Rigg, some of which go south towards Oakley Walls and north towards Scaling Dam. A lot of them crisscross each other which makes for a good training session when using the trails randomly up and down the sides of the Rigg. There is plenty to see, from Headstones to ancient crosses, boundary stones and Danby Beacon itself. On a clear day the views across into Fryupdale to the south and north to the coast are almost boundless. Danby Beacon has ample parking and is a good place to start from.

If you want a longer run the Esk Valley Walk runs off the Rigg towards Castleton in one direction and eventually to Whitby in the other.

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