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Wednesday wander Thunderbush Moor Commondale.

Thanks to everyone who came for a wander on Wednesday evening. We started off at the hand stone way marker just outside of Commondale following the track up onto Thunderbush Moor. This track follows part of the boundary of the Park Pale which is the remains of a medieval Deer Park which likely formed part of the larger royal deer parks in Pickering. The packhorse bridge at Westerdale, Hunter's sty, was used primarily by those travellers going to hunt within the confines of the Park Pale.

After crossing Whitely Beck we headed up onto Skelderskew Moor following the main track towards Guisborough Woods. As we headed towards the trees a mass of black clouds began to tumble towards us from the west with the scent of fresh rain heralding their arrival.

Turning our backs on the glowering sky we followed another shooting track past Three Howes and onto Penrod Hill. About half a mile down the track we passed one of the local gamekeepers keeping a watchful eye on his Grouse as they settled down for the night. The waning sunlight is a stark reminder that the seasons are on the cusp of change and warmer attire and artificial illuminants will soon be needed. We were now descending steadily towards North Ings Moor and Commondale Moor. On either side of the track, the remains of medieval field systems can be seen as feint lines in the heather to the east of the Park pale boundary. One can easily conjure a scene where serfs are toiling with a bent back over their selion, an open strip of land rented to peasants by the lord of the manor, and on the other side of the Park Pale lords and ladies ride by hunting and hawking attended closely by their retinue.

Ok, a little bit of digression but I'm sure you get the picture.

Just above Wayworth farm we turned back on ourselves and headed NE across Keld Brow onto Thunderbush Moor, as the path was less than indistinct we followed the 250mtr contour line until we hit the main track leading to where we had left the cars. Lifting your legs high through the heather certainly works the quads.

So this week we had a shorter run only clocking up circa five miles, we did get back before the light failed and head torches were needed, but only just, next week I reckon they will be required.

After a quick chin wag whilst donning our mufti, we headed off for a snifter at the Cleveland Inn...

Thanks for wandering, until next week trot on 🦍

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